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Airstrip March

Lucy and I trudged up to the airstrip to test the wind. Calm. Clear skies out 100 miles to the Aleutian Arc. We saw Redoubt puffing away and could even see two of the Cook Inlet drill platforms. We met one other hiker up there with a tiny, enthusiastic bulldog. Very little snow this winter, but the snow is starting in Bear Valley as I write this. Winter storm warning for Homer tonight.

Strong soil-vegetation patterns are common to Chugach mountain slopes.

Cook Inlet.

Airstrip ridgeline.

Upper Potter Creek.

Mt. Redoubt volcano over the Kenai Peninsula. Two platforms visible on the horizon below the peak.

Our back yard.

McHugh summit knob.

Plenty of prominent and mappable surfaces - structural and geomorphic - all along the Chugach Park front.

Big drifts still line the airstrip.

Tide flats where Turnagain Arm meets Cook Inlet.

Backcountry tracks off Brewsters.


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