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Sedimentary Facies of Scabland Deposits

Boulder gravels - Pateros

Laminated sands w/ ripups - Latah Ck, Pasco Basin

Touchet Beds - WWV

Gravel-bottomed rhythmites - Hwy 14 gullies,

Reworked colluvium - Pataha area, Hwy 14 gullies

Glacial Lake Columbia rhythmites - Hunters shoreline

Sanpoil style lake-flood stacks - Sanpoil shoreline

Silt diamicts, reworked pebbly silts - Loess

Sand sheets, thin rhythmites - Quincy Basin canal

Rhythmites with sand-gravel bottoms and silt-sand tops - Latah Creek at Qualchan Golf Course west of Spokane, WA.

Laminated sands - Latah Creek at Qualchan Golf Course/High Drive, west Spokane, WA.

Laminated sands - Smith Canyon near Eltopia, WA.

Reworked colluvium - Columbia Gorge downstream of Wallula Gap at Alder Ridge, WA.

Lacustrine rhythmites - Upper Columbia River (Lake Roosevelt) shoreline bluff across from Grand Coulee Dam (Spring Canyon).

Lacustrine rhythmites - Sanpoil River landslide scarp.

Overland flood gravels composed of calcrete rip-ups and exotic clasts - White Bluffs Overlook.

Silt diamict (upper portion of flood deposit) - Marengo railcut.

Alder Ridge gullies.

Lacustrine system rhythmites - Sanpoil River.

Sanpoil River.

Silt-caped Touchet Beds - Old Lady Canyon, WA in Columbia Gorge below Wallula Gap.


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