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Ansel Afternoons

A few black and white images from the summer.

The Dupuis barn and the mouth of Crow Canyon near Pablo, MT.

Mission Valley at St. Ignatius, MT.

Bear River at Pegram, ID.

Cokeville, WY.

Poverty Flat near Pegram, ID.

Deer Lodge, MT.

Elevators along the High Line near Malta, MT.

The faulted western front of the Mission Mountains in northwest Montana.

Foothills Road near Ronan, MT.

North Crow Canyon in morning haze.

Bob Rider's hayfields.

Waves of sagebrush on the Bear River Plateau, ID-WY-UT.

Nightfall on the Bear River Plateau, ID-WY-UT.

Oregon Trail country, Bear River Plateau, ID-WY-UT.

The Bear River cuts across fold-thrust belt ridges. Peale Mountains in the distance. Border, WY.

Bear River Plateau, ID-WY-UT.

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