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Nine Mile

The eight of us gathered in early July at Chris and Nichole's magical perch above the Chilkat River known simply as "Nine Mile" to prep for our trip down the Tatshenshini-Lower Alsek. Our boats would cover 130 miles, crossing portions of the Yukon, British Columbia, and Alaska. The Tatshenshini cuts a bold canyon through the very heart of the world's largest contiguous wilderness area and straight through the St. Elias Mountains. Its a Pleistocene landscape, the domain of glaciers, grizzly bears, and peaks taller than Mt. Rainier. All told, 12 days on the river between Dalton Post and Pat Pellett's buoy at Dry Bay. Flawless planning/purchasing/permitting by Nichole. Outfitting by Stan and Kate Boor. A diverse and hearty menu by Christine. On-river leadership by Denker. The cowboy-pilot, Hans, at Dry Bay would fly us out to Haines or Yakutat. Two 16' rafts, two kayaks, and a mountain of gear.

Photo: Skye, Hilary, Nichole, Stan, Christine, Chris, Wynne, Doug, Thaona loaded up at the Haines Airport.

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