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Weather Sign

Here's yer sign! Well, our sign anyway. Its for our new AirBnB.

Began the design with a Google Image search on Texas Longhorn Skulls. I prefer the look of straighter horns.

Then I located some appropriate Western-syle fonts. Here is our logo in "Boots & Spurs" and "Docktrin".

I put a quick layout together in Illustrator, sizing the letter spacing for a 1/4" router bit. The artwork is overall is 11" x 33". 11x. The overall sign is 13-1/2" x 39".

Glued up some cedar leftover from a deck project and printed the design at full scale. When the glue was dry, I planed the boards, cut out the design with a razor blade, and glued the letters to the cedar.

Router work complete. 1/4" depth was enough to provide depth and some shadow.

First coat of varnish and paint. More to come...

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