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Mysterious Facility Atop Little Mt. Susitna

LOCATION. The anomaly is located in an roadless part of Alaska and out of view of populated places. Approximate Coordinates: 61deg 30' 30" N, 150deg 56' 25" W.

THE ANOMALY. I came across this anomaly while inspecting an online map of Little Mount Susitna. It is on a remote plateau some 60km northwest of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. JBER is the home to the Alaskan Command (ALCOM), Alaskan NORAD Region (ANR), Joint Task Force-Alaska (JTF-AK), 11th Air Force, the 673rd Air Base Wing, the 3rd Wing, the 176th Wing, and the Joint Alien Interdiction Squad (JAIS).

REMOVED FROM MAPS. Official flight navigation maps show no facilities or airspace restrictions in the vicinity of the anomaly.

WHITEWASHED BY THE GOOGLE-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. This oblique aerial photograph shows no facilities on the western flank of Little Mount Susitna. April 2011 image.

INACCESSIBLE LOCATION. No roads, facilities, or other human-built infrastructure are depicted on The National Map.

PHOTO STITCHING HIDES EVIDENCE. Blue arrows show the edges of an older photograph stitched into the publicly available imagery archive. The stitched-in photo corresponds exactly to the location of the anomaly. The archival record of NHAP/NAIP images, flown every 3 years or so by the USDA, are unavailable for this immediate area. There was great care taken to hide the stitched photo's edges in the topography.

INDUSTRIAL-SCALE OPERATION. High resolution digital elevation data indicates there is a warehouse-sized main building and commercial-scale activity going on at the site. We also believe a helicopter landing pad is located just north of the main building. Reconnaissance mapping suggests that the anomaly is likely a remote medical processing and storage facility for alien tissue.

PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE. Great sacrifices were made in order to obtain this single photograph from inside the facility. The public deserves to know the truth about ongoing activities at Little Mount Susitna (a.k.a. Area 52).


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