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Maps for Land Use Permits

A lot of land surveyors, civil engineers, and some architects produce planning maps in preparation for residential and commercial construction projects. They do this because the local municipality requires them to do so. It costs clients a lot of money.

For small residential projects, especially in rural areas, a full set of engineering plans is not typically required. The map below is compiled from several official documents. I made it in Adobe Illustrator. This kind of map can help move your permit application along quicker. This took me 1 day to research and 1/2 a day to draft. It didn't cost thousands of dollars to create (the client saves money). The scaling is held from stamped engineered documents.

I have always enjoyed making these kinds of maps. The goal of a map like this is to give the plan reviewer confidence in your submitted permit. It provides most of the technical information needed, but does it in such a way that anyone can understand it.

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