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White Pines

The silhouette of an Eastern White Pine is something special. Its a shape that defines the entire New England coastline and the middle coast of Maine in particular. If you put a White Pine in a painting, its now a New England painting. While I grew up looking at Doug Fir, Western Hemlock, and Red Cedar, I knew from the moment I determined the species that I wanted to paint White Pine. The brush stroke motion is actually backwards of what it looks like it should be. The stroke took me a while to figure out. Also, you have to hold on really loose - at the end of the brush - yet be fearless when the paint goes down. You might get the chance to fix a mistake if your brush slips or the paint grabs, but not very often. Two different brush sizes will help you get the details correct.

Port Clyde, Maine at the bend in the harbor road out of town.

Inspired by a visit to the Olson House near Cushing, Maine.

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