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Logo for Carter's Kitty Kandy

A few years ago, back when Hil was working with Carter, I became aware of Kitty Kandy. It seems in order to lure wolves into traps (for research, tagging, collaring purposes), one must brew up a toxic mixture of rendered animal parts and eggs.

The recipe would read something like this:

1.) Finely grind animal parts from various species. Bobcats sphincters preferred. Get some eggs.

2.) Combine wet ingredients in sealed quart bottle. Cap tightly. Place in the sun.

3.) Let fester for 3 weeks.

4.) Drip the syrupy concoction sparingly on wolf traps as needed.

5.) Do not spill. Do not smell.

Kitty Kandy is miserable stuff to have around. So miserable, in fact, that it has become legendary. And legends always need a good marketing campaign. So I decided to make a logo for Carter's Kitty Kandy.

Early on, I was going for a '40s look: "Quality", "Genuine", "Honest Brand".

I also toyed with the idea of running Felix through a meat grinder.

But the putrid sludge was so repulsive that I soon drifted towards "Biohazard", "Nuclear", and "Genetic Mutation". In the end, a beaker full of radioactive waste that had grown four legs and was beginning to mobilize seemed appropriate. "Triple Fermented" still makes me laugh. I made up a few tshirts and handed them around. Carter gave one to Ed at his retirement party.

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