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Roadtrip: SW MT #1

We left the Mission Valley and headed south for the Big Hole. Beer and a pizza at the Antlers Saloon in Wisdom, MT seemed like a good choice for dinner. We heard they had a pool table, a dance floor, see-through doors with magnetic closures to keep the bugs out, and a better crowd than that fancy new place across the street.

You know you're in small town Montana when the bar has a dog who gets served from his own barstool.

The local crowd consisted of ranchers, a few wildfire guys, and three Mexican cowpunchers all dudded up for Friday night. Looked like they were coming off a rough week, seeins how they were drinking Corona and Red Bulls with ice by the pitcher. There was a NASCAR race on the TV, but no one was watching it.

After a couple of strong local beers, someone says to me, "You know what this place needs? This place needs a good fist fight," and the search for a suitable contender began.

Targets identified.

Luckily, cooler heads prevailed and we were asked to leave before anyone (Hilary) threw a punch.

We spent the night up at the pass, up by the Hairpin Ranch and away from the mosquitoes.

A little rain over night, but the sun came out in the morning.

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