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Junk Science Update May 2020

Study Design

Trash along the same 1.25 mile stretch of road is collected and drink containers tallied. Results are shown in the charts below.

April 2019 Results:

April 2019: The runaway winner, at 28% of the total count, was Sparks Blackberry, a flavored malt beverage with a very high alcohol content (8.0%). Honestly, I'd not heard of this stuff until now. Sparks Blackberry is a very specific beverage choice. I suspect one could ID the person doing the littering by simply walking into local convenience stores and asking the clerks, "Who buys a Sparks Blackberry here every day?"

There cannot be 3 people in the entire County that do so.


May 2020 Results:

May 2020: I've reduced the number of categories.

New winner: Cheap domestic beers (33%) edging out Sparks Black Cherry (23%).

Stay classy, my friends.


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