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East Front #2

The Breaks of the Missouri and a wild road down to McLellan Ferry crossing.

McLellan Ferry is part of the highway system. Crossing is no charge.

Here we are waiting for the ferry. Actually, we're waiting for the guy who drives the ferry. He was on the phone with one of the County Commissioners who had a burr in his saddle over some road funding bill that might impact the schedule next Fall. The Ferryman hung up after about 20 minutes, loaded us on, and drove us across the river.

The Ferryman, ignoring us.

When you encounter a "Call For Service" sign in a remote area of Montana, don't reach for your cell phone. Instead, holler across the river at the guy who lives in that house. He's the only guy you want. If he's on the phone, you will wait.

The Missouri Breaks

Big Timber

There are pigs and there are hogs. Different barns. Don't mix 'em up.


Big Sandy: Home of Larry Kane.

Downtown Big Sandy

Of course we stopped to check the price. $4500. Big Sandy.

"Courtrage" is a contraction of two words: "Outrage" and "Courtney".

"After the girl sobered up and her youthful courtrage subsided, she picked up the only object in the cell - a tin cup - a began running it back and forth along the steel bars."


I'm guessing someone lost a key. Choteau.


Fort Benton





Two things that should not be missed in Chinook: The Elk Bar and the Wildlife Museum.

Stanford, MT has "Old Snowdrift", the stuffed body of a white wolf that terrorized a generation of ranchers. Great Falls has "Old Peg Leg", a blue, bear-shaped object with a mildly agitated expression awkwardly mounted to the roof of a car wash.

Note that the sign is ripped - like someone tried to steal it, but the paper was so brittle that the person couldn't get it off in one piece and had to leave it behind, settling for a Subway sandwich instead.

Salisbury steak can be kind of a bully. Once again it's elbowed its way onto center stage at the Eagles Club. Havre.

"Hey, Carter. Guess where I'm standing right now..." Havre.

Grateful Bread is in a weird location in crazy mall, but they make some killer sandwiches. Havre.

Hilary always wanted to run away and join the rodeo. But the daily routine of the Vermont Equestrian Finishing School was just too engrossing to leave behind. She did skip class once to check out a bakery in Rehoboth.

Savvy givers. If you ever donate a door, make sure you get a plaque out of the deal.

Fairground campsites are good along the Missouri in Fort Benton. Showers are free, too. They're over by the stadium.

Bob Seger is Lucy's spirit animal. She too gets strung out from the road.

The Missouri River canoe put-in at Fort Benton.

Fort Benton Fairgrounds

The real Teton Pass is in Montana.

Greeter bear on duty outside the USFS West Fork cabin.

Post-wildland fire floods swept some big bridge members downstream. North Fork Teton River.

Teton Pass

Teton Pass

Barnwood art with anxious hose.


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