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Best Golf Advice Ever - Top 10 Insights

Can we say this, yet? Why can't we say this?

Modern golf clubs are engineered to outperform the modern golfer. You will never measure up to the club in your hand. Therefore, you should buy mid-priced or used clubs, get fitted, play 50 rounds a summer, and take lessons rather than worry about upgrading your equipment. Its not the clubs winging balls left and right into the rhubarb, its you. Lee Westwood gamed Ping Eye 2s until very recently.

Until the golf world decides we can, here are my Top 10 Most Illuminating Golf Tips Ever - a compilation made by watching golf professionals on YouTube.

10.) "You want the swoosh out HERE, not down THERE."

9.) "Down is wrong. The club is ALREADY going down."

8.) "THIS is straight. THAT is not straight. Straight. Not straight. Straight. Not straight."

7.) "Pick it up, Lee."

6.) "Learn to swing metal sticks. Then go get some metal sticks."

5.) "Position the ball off your right ear. Or the ear facing THIS way. Always position off your 'this way' ear."

4.) "Its all about patterns. Its all about matchups."

3.) "Leave that butter knife at home."

2.) "Your 2nd recovery shot is usually the best shot of every hole."

1.) "Let's get stuck in."

Playing with Ping Eye 2s is not all that different than hitting the ball with a chrome bumper off a '58 Cadillac.

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