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After planning the walkway with string and cardboard cutouts for a while, we were convinced us that renting a turf excavator would be wise. The machine broke before the job was complete, but our neighbor hooked us up with his Bobcat.

The distance from the driveway to the porch is about 65 feet and muddy in Spring.

We added a 2" deep bed of sand and built about 30 box forms, each approximately 2' x 4'.

Pouring 3 yards of concrete into a bunch of individual boxes is difficult when its just you, the driver, and a chute rig like this. We substituted glass fiber additive (fibermesh) for rebar/wire grid, which makes things much simpler, but the mud sets up a bit quicker.

Troweled blocks were done just in time.

Hilary did all the hard work, as usual.

Forms removed. We will be cutting these down and reusing them in the walkway leading to the apartment deck around back.

We replaced all the dirt removed by the skid steer and added grass seed.

Mud season thwarted. And the UPS guy will appreciate the level surface.

Ty found a turtle crossing the road. Luckily it was in a docile mood and did not attack.

The End.


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