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New Neighborhood

Curiosities discovered during a quick spin around the new neighborhood...

This 10' tall yard hog is not for sale.

Sway back barn near Somers, MT. The flood of '64 did a number on many barns of the area.

The sign on the door of the bank at Dayton Harbor Marina reads, "Open by chance or by appointment".

Ronan is cattle country.

The Pablo scene.

Dayton Harbor is quickly losing its ice.

Flathead River floodplain south of Kalispell, near Somers.

If the Missions were the Tetons, Mt. Calowahcan would be The Grand. North Crow Road off Hwy 93.

Turn east at the barn.

Wheel lines along North Crow Road.

New house and North Crow Canyon from Foothills Drive.

Downtown shopping district.

Angus along McDonald Lake Road.

Coming into St. Ignatius.

Northern Missions from south end of Flathead Lake at Polson. Bigfork is 25 miles beyond the middle island.

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