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Catching the Boat at Homer, AK

Our trip to Halibut Cove started with a night on the beach at the Homer Spit. With the morning tide came breakfast choices...

Breakfast Option #1: Crepes at the new place next to the Bunnell Gallery in Old Town Homer. We liked Mara's breakfast better (she used to run the place), but it looks like the new folks are doing well.

Breakfast Option #2: Tallboys at the Salty Dawg on the Spit, which means waiting until 10am for the doors to open. See what I mean? Tough choices.

Homer harbor.

Homer hippies.

Homer boardwalk.

A tour group gathers on the dock.

The Danny J, a traditional wooden boat built in the '40s, runs back and forth across Kachemak Bay several times a week. We didn't need to take it this time. We were to meet up with the Islander instead.

You don't mess around in Dutch Harbor. You go big.

Dock walks help expand Lucy's smell vocabulary. Hmmmm.... Sporties in Grundens.

Clem picked us up and took us out to his place at Halibut Cove. Lots to learn about Alaska from a guy like that. What a vibrant life. A man with vision.

Walker Hounds are a breed from Tennessee to which sea legs don't come quick.

I got to hear at least a few stories about the founding of Alaska straight from one of its founders.

Clem Tillion, at 92, is still exercising power whenever he gains it. Yesterday, it was as a legislator, as a Bering Sea fisheries councilman, and as an insider for the Governor. Today, its behind to the wheel of the 24' supercharged Islander. Halibut Cove is still his kingdom.

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