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Shots of Fairbanks

Brew pub argument killer: "Ya well, our building has a 40-foot satellite dish on the roof." Is this proof that Geophysists are the bullies of the geoscience world? Maybe, maybe not. They do talk to satellites all day (do you?). UAF campus.

Whale bones or alien tissue - you decide. UAF campus.

Museum of the North. UAF campus.

Half the size and half the weight of an adult grizzly, but ferocious as a Harley.

Craigslist finds in Fairbanks.

The deep state bureaucracy has been unable to completely white wash its document archive on "problematic walrus ranching" efforts by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife in the early part of the century. UAF Archives.

Museum of the North, UAF campus.

This Ziegler painting makes my Top 10 List of favorite works by Alaskan painters. TANANA WOMAN AND DOG, Eustace P. Ziegler, 1939. Museum of the North, UAF campus.

Each kind of ice exhibited here exists year round in Fairbanks. This refrigerated case was part of a larger exhibit on "Shoveling Tools & Advice for the New Alaskan".

Sometimes the Canadians get it just right.

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