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Open House Day

Open House day at 16100 Genevieve. Lucy has been a real team player over the past month, as the work on the house has been completed. Walk time has been sacrificed in the name of home improvement. She's taken to multitasking in an effort to help speed up the process. Here, she combines marketing with nap time - much like an actual Anchorage realtor.

My flyers are better than your flyers. I can fan magazines, make payments on a crossover SUV, stuff myself into rayon-weave pants, and buy caramel lattes, too.

Unlike an Anchorage realtor, however, I refinished the hardwood floors last night. Most people like shiny floors. It takes time, sometimes decades, for most people to realize that a shiny floor will do more for you than your realtor ever will.

The weather was good all day. 65 degrees with broken clouds.

Cable railings would go a long ways towards improving the view from the decks.

Quit university teaching job: Check.

Move to Alaska: Check.

Build a workshop: Check.

Sell workshop and move to Montana: In progress.

This is about as tidied up as this house gets. By the way, no one has ever sat on these benches.

After decades of neglect by previous owners, our remodeling work managed to bring the house back to up to zero. Now someone new can enjoy it for another 40 years.

I refinished the decks last night, too.


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