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Wood Stove & Chimney Installed

Installing a new wood stove starts with a plumb bob, a jig saw, and a ladder. I started by transferring the center of the existing chimney pipe from the underside of the roof to the 3rd floor underlayment, then to the hearth on the main floor below (X in blue tape). I traced the pipe support ring and cut a ......... hole in the new car decking ceiling (yikes!). Next, I attached the trim cap and built a 2x4 box to house the pipe support ring.

I looked at a bunch of stoves in the ~$1500 price range at all the stores in town. We only need to heat 1100 square feet once in a while, which means a smallish stove, which means fewer choices. In the end, I settled on a Heatilator WS18, which is very similar to the Quadrafire Millennium 2100. I also purchased 16' of double wall pipe and a few other fittings. The guys at Alaska Stove and Spa were very helpful.

Since I couldn't lift the stove out of my truck by myself, I used some blue tape as a reasonable facsimile. The X marks center of the pipe.

I marked the center point of the existing chimney, then covered over the hole with scraps of 2x6 car decking. Eventually, I'll cut a new hole through it and paint everything white.

Rough hole centered over the X on the hearth below.

Support collar set in place, but not yet fixed.

Pipe support collar poking through the rough hole cut through the newly installed ceiling.

Support collar and trim cap makes for a clean look.

Parts list I purchased.

The stove is just one action item in this corner.

Even small stoves are heavy. To make it easier, I removed the fire brick and door. Then I called two neighbors over to schlep it from the truck to the hearth.

Stove installed proper. Sheet rock, not so much.

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