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14 Trusses & 2 Dump Trucks

The trusses showed up bright and early this morning.

The boom truck guy and I set the two bundles of trusses on the walls in about 20 minutes.

After the boom truck slung the trusses onto the roof, I built this 9-foot temporary support wall to make sliding the trusses into place a lot simpler. It will be disassembled and used for bracing as the trusses get put into place. Neighbor Aaron and I readied a couple trusses for placement tomorrow.

Some big gaps need to be filled around the perimeter of new basement walls. Need to build a couple window wells yet.

This gap in front is 10 feet deep and 3 feet wide.

That's a heavy list for a loaded dump truck.

Two loads of pit run showed up late in the day.

Tools of the trade arranged from left to right in order of importance.

The Mushin' Mortician is busy up in Willow getting his dog teams into shape. Just the new pups and the old huskies remain at home.

I do my best to keep a clean and tidy job site. Practice for when we move to Norway and become elves. There are no elves in Alaska. You have to move away to find them.

Don't believe the hippies. Outdoor shops have serious drawbacks.

The sunny spots are fleeting in late September.

If the good doctor ever puts his house on the market, we're buying it.

Jim's roof is nearly done.

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