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Wrap, Flashing & Windows Installed

I placed the order for the trusses, but will have to wait a couple weeks for delivery. I turned my attention instead to the remaining sections of the basement needing membrane damp-proofing, wrapping the sheathing in house wrap, and installing windows. Left over rolls of MiraDRI were cut into strips and used to flash the windows. I also have a bunch of the sticky blue primer left, so I painted the window openings with it. Six windows are in, three to go. Rain delay. I'm going inside to watch the Oklahoma vs. Ohio State game. Leaves are turning. Lots of big bull moose around.

South side.

South side. Five 48x48 windows on the upper level.

Back side: 48x48 slider and 36x48 fixed.

North side. 48x48 fixed. 36x30 fixed.

Oklahoma lost. By 4pm the following day, the sun returned and I was able to install the rest of the windows. Doors, trim, trusses, and fill are next.

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