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Twelve Yards

The gravel truck delivered 12 yards of D1 crushed base to the house at 4pm on Monday ($390 AS&G). Needed 10, but they delivered 12, which was actually the perfect amount. I shoveled and wheel barrowed all of it into the three wells between the footings, completing the job by Tuesday at 6pm. A 14' chute helped, but I'm feeling pretty sore today. The gravel needed to be 7" deep, leaving 4" of space for a slab on top. I'm pouring it level with the top of the footings to maximize headroom in the basement and reduce the amount of regrading of the driveway.

Now for some 6-mil plastic, a little rough plumbing (waste stack), and ordering the concrete. The basement floor will be living space and storage (won't have cars on it), thus the slab will be covered with flooring material later.

I put the two door bucks in place before we left for the rafting trip. Bucks are sized to the rough window/door openings. One door accesses a narrow storage area, the other the walk-out apartment space. The bucks are 13" wide to match the width of the Fox Blocks (ICFs) and made of 1-1/8" plywood + 2" EPS foam strips. The foam strips key together with the ICFs, keeping the concrete away from the wood and providing full insulation around openings. The windows bucks will look about the same. Those go in after a couple courses of ICF block are in place.

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