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Homer & Nails

The RV crowd is tougher in Alaska.

The Kenai in Spring.

Some hippies become contractors, but few are able to fully leave the past behind.

A quick stop at Anchor Point beach.

Take a number and wait in line for the next tractor.

Lucy rolled in something awful, but Hil managed to find a hose and some shampoo. Anchor Point.

Nuns and Cans in for repair. Homer Spit.

Jack up oil rig in for repairs during this low price period. Homer Spit.

Homer docks.

Lunch on the Spit accompanied by conversations of diesel engines and gallons per hour.

We helped out Teri and Patrick with a few things around their timberframe log home and soon-to-be summer rental above Homer. We brought tools, our good looks, and the Miller Lite, anyway. Sweeping views over Kachemak Bay over to Tutka Bay and Red Mountain beyond.

Diamond Ridge Road above Homer. Moose country.

Nothing to see here. Homer, AK.

This is who you hire to put your boat in the water at Anchor Point. The water is very shallow for a long ways out. If things go well, you might just get your driveway excavated, too.

Friday's moose.

You don't blend.


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