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Right in the Old McHugh

Another nice hike up the local ridge with Lucy today. No ptarmigans, but we passed a large, sweaty party on our way down.

Virga, Susitna & Schist: Good name for a law firm.

Redoubt and a speckled pattern of sunlight filtering through the clouds to the water.

I hope one of these suckers blows its top while we live here. We could throw a legendary volcano party on the deck. I could be like Harry R. Truman, the crotchety old Mt. St. Helens hold out who was vaporized in his cabin on May 18, 1980.

"How'd he die?"

"He was vaporized by a volcano."

"Cool. You should tweet that out."

And that would be Anchorage's growth corridor - five thousand square miles of swamp, firewood, dogsled kennels, and mosquitoes.

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