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Tool Totes

Here are two tool totes I built in quick fashion recently.

The first is cherry and yellow cedar. The cherry came from some recycled cabinet doors. The cedar from a chunk I bought in Bellingham some time back. I added a leather pencil holder to the outside end. I planed the sides down to about 3/8" thick. I tapered the handle/vertical divider from top to bottom and along its length (3/4" to 3/8"), mostly to make the tote lighter. A Plumb boys axe for scale.

Size: 28" length x 8-1/2" width x 10" height to top of handle.

The second is from some old fir recycled from floor joists. Dovetailed at the corners. Repurposed white oak bottom (former flooring) and walnut handle brackets (scraps from chairmaking). The handle is a glue-laminated rocker off of a walnut Maloof rocking chair I build for a woman in Montana. Two days before I needed to deliver the chair to the client, I decided the sweep of the rockers wasn't perfect. I remade them both, leaving me with orphaned rockers. The curve seemed a good fit for this heavy duty tote, so it found a home here. I've thinned the handle down along its length and added some score marks for better grip.

Approximate size: 40" length x 9" width x 14" heightto top of handle.

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