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Rotating Circular Saw Blade Cleaning Device

Alain Vaillancourt ("The Woodpecker") recently posted a video on YouTube showing how he made a table saw blade cleaning bowl out of wood.

His video prompted me to sketch up an alternative design involving an arm that rotates about an post and holds a dish-type scrubber with the cleaning solution inside. The saw blade slides down over the shaft (<5/8" dia. threaded rod), followed by the swing arm-scubber assembly, and finally the top knob w/ a washer. The brushes sit atop the blade and the scrubber is rotated around to clean the blade's teeth.

The device can be used on standard 10" table saw blades as well as on smaller-diameter circular saw blades.

I will be working out the design details in coming weeks, especially the choice of materials the nature of connections between certain parts. I have begun the Utility Patent paperwork filing process on this device with the USPTO.

Original concept below. I sent this image to Alain.


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