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Genevieve Road House

Location of the new house on Genevieve Road in Bear Valley. Technically, the neighborhood is called Rabbit Creek Heights. Technically, we live in Russia.

A Lindal cedar home circa 1972.

Views to the west over Turnagain Arm and Fire Island.

1st floor romper room is for guests and P90X. 2nd floor is the main living/kitchen area. 3rd floor is for disco dancing and Shaklee parties.

The neighbors across the road run the Iditarod (of course).

Upper Little Rabbit Creek valley (Bear Valley).

Subalpine transition of upper Rabbit Creek.

Upper Rabbit Creek trail nearby.

There are a few nice old hemlocks and birch on the property, which extends another 70 feet past the fence.

Front yard/street side. Well head is inside that little fence. The neighbor to the south is fixing up his barn.

Our new garbage can jail. We will name it either "Fulton" or "Courtney".

Lucy escapes the fenced yard. Well head rumored to be jealous.

The pad for the new shop will go here. Lots of grading ahead. Most of the fill in the foreground will be cut down and pushed back into the hole between the big conifer and the little shed. The big tree and a few of its neighbors will come down. The little shed will go away.

The view isn't bad now and should improve with a bit of thinning and light logging.

"Snowplows are for Canadians and the weak." The neighbor to the north owns his own Bobcat.

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