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Climbing Buddies

The mountains are but rock and ice and storm and abyss, but they attract the best people.

Dave and Skye and 5 days in The Enchantments.

Spence and Skye, Pyramid Peak summit (14,026'), Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness, CO.

Pidduck and Paul on Sacajawea, Wallowa Mountains.

Mike and Dave, Black Peak area, North Cascades.

Another 100% cotton day for Spence on Whistler Peak summit, North Cascades.

12 donuts for 10 climbers. Good odds on Mt. Higgins, North Cascades. Skagit Alpine Club.

After a long day on Forbidden Peak, North Cascades.

The inimitable Brad Monrad on Mount Baker.

Hilary and Skye and a stiff breeze, summit of Mount Baker.

A Teton portage toward Mt. Moran after the long night's drive from Laramie.

The Black Dike route in running shoes. Keith and Skye on Mount Moran, Teton Range.

Keith at 12,605' atop Mount Moran, WY.

Prussik Peak summit, The Enchantments, WA.

Chris and Skye on summit of Liberty Bell, Washington Pass.

The Touchet Beds can wait. Brian and Skye, Mount Stuart summit, Stuart Range, WA.

Emma and the big dog, Snowy Range, WY.

Jamey at Mile 30 of 72, Pacific Crest Trail, Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

On the way toward camp and Prussik Peak, Alpine Lakes Wilderness, WA.

Post summit nap on Mt. Baker's north side.

Forbidden Peak approach with Johannesburg in the background. North Cascades, WA.

North Twin Sister, North Cascades.

A speedy hike into Glacier Peak with Rick Rogers, long time fisheries pro for the Stillaguamish Tribe.

Cutthroat Peak near summit. Washington Pass, North Cascades.

Summit ridge on Glacier Peak.

Readying for the morning climb at camp on Glacier Peak.

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