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I'm Published in Urban Dictionary

A few weeks ago I jumped on the Urban Dictionary website ( for the first time. I submitted for review 8 items that I thought were funny. They published 4 of them - that's a 50% success rate right out of the chute! My Dad gets credit for two of the published items (#1, #3). I go by ClamOrPotato, which is my Twitter handle. But don't bother, no one follows me on Twitter.


1.) Pep-up A smoothy containing bananas, wheat germ, brewer's yeast, molasses, and yogurt that was popularized in the Seattle area during the 1970s.

My father concocts his morning pep-up each day before yoga class.

2.) eVay

The Jewish online auction site. I always find the best Klezmer albums on eVay.

Professional house painter that works quickly and with an airless spray gun. We should be able to knock this condo job out in 2 days - let me call my spray monkey.

A term used by NRCS Soil Scientists to describe any object or material of significance occurring at the ground surface that falls outside the standard definition of "soil" (i.e., badger). Today, we mapped 3,200 acres of wetland soils and documented 4 non-soil objects on the farmer's property.


Kitty Kandy A highly odoriferous liquid attractant (lure) made by Carter Niemeyer from triple-fermented animal parts. Make sure always to wear gloves when handling this stuff. You do not want to get Kitty Kandy on you.

BOLTR An acronym meaning Bored of Lame Tool Reviews popularized by the Canadian YouTuber "AvE".

Nugian Logic A direct, good-humored, grammatically incorrect, and often convoluted pronouncement containing elements of both common sense and complete nonsense. The comedian's five minute rant about seat belt laws was a prime example of Nugian logic.

Tennessee Ernie

A cop's night stick, originally made of Tennessee Hickory. Still won't confess, eh? We'll see how long you stay quiet when old Tennessee Ernie comes out to play.

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