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Fair Wynns

I follow Jason and Nikki Wynn on their YouTube Channel Gone With The Wynns. For several years they have traveled around the US in an RV. They are creative types that live and work on the road full time. Now they are trading in the RV for a catamaran, a Leopard 43'.

Here is my list of suggested names for their new boat:

1.) Wynn-Wynn 2.) Say Wynn 3.) Wynnimal Effort 4.) Wynnie Series 5.) Second Wynn 6.) Wynn-Wynn Situation 7.) Fair Wynns

8.) Favorable Wynns

9.) Wynnimal Life

10.) Wynnimalist

More ideas for boat names...

Wynn Some Lose Some


Howling Wynns

Wynnie Cooper

Wynnie Neistat

Wynnie Skirt

Wynner Schnitzel

Ballpark Wynners

Wynn in Rome

Wynn Pigs Fly

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