Clastic Dikes Form Polygonal Networks

Networks of Pleistocene clastic dikes are sometimes visible in disturbed soil surfaces.

Aerial photo shows a dike network translating through a bladed slope along I-82 near the Best Western at Sunnyside, WA. Google Earth photo, May 2015.

Interpretation of the dike network on the south-facing slope. Denser vegetation grows atop the dikes, making them darker.

Taller grasses highlight the dike network in Touchet Beds. Google Street View photo.

A 2005 photo of a working farm along Sunnyside-Mabton Road. The farm existed until at least 2006.

A 2018 photo of the same land with the farm completely removed. The vegetation a decade later highlights the polygonal pattern of clastic dikes in the subsurface...or is it just sprinklers?

Sprinkler pattern.

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