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Sizing My Paintings

I was recently asked why I paint smaller works, typically sized about 12" x 10", rather than larger works that make more of a statement. Here was my response...

"I do some larger paintings, just fewer of them. Larger works take 4 times longer than smaller ones, use a lot more gesso/panel/paint, and can sometimes be a bit more risky. The smaller ones are done in ~3 hours, I get about 15 panels from a single sheet of 1/2" plywood (Sandply), and framing stock doesn't need to be select grade walnut, which is more expensive. Its easy to mill down completely blemish-free, knot-free frame parts from FAS lumber if the part lengths are kept under about 20". Framing takes an hour for each painting. So the smaller sizes are more about materials efficiency and my desire to complete a painting in one sitting than anything else. But I certainly can work larger, no problem. Need some large artwork for your walls?"

The unframed painting on top is about 12" wide. The bottom one is about 26" wide. I can and do work larger.

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