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Signs of Montana #2

Frontier Kitchen & Golf in Creston, MT. Nine holes, all of them terrible. I played it in the snow. On Hole #3, a big metal sign reads "If your ball hits the overhead power line then you must replay it without penalty."

Nordic skiing at Blacktail Mountain: Well groomed and sparsely visited on weekdays. Lakeside, MT.

Employment opportunities abound in Fortine, MT.

Canals of our back forty.

In summer, the park used to be lousy with horses, but the town council fixed that wagon. Choteau, MT.

Folks in Choteau leave for the summer and return for bowling season.

You don't sit wherever. Assigned seating is taken seriously at the Fort Benton Rodeo.

I'd like to buy a letter, Pat. An "R".

That Art History degree sometimes really does pay off. Choteau, MT.

Of course, by "wildlife" we mean "day-drinking losers". An by "sanctuary" we mean "not jail".

See that stain in the lower right corner? You can bet there's a story there.

Steady router work on the visitors center sign at the Thomas Fork crossing.

The 4th green of the front nine in my yard still needs a little work.

The volunteers at Blacktail Nordic Area can go a little overboard with the signage. These are the extras.


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