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Anchorage to Jasper 2017

Leaving Bear Valley on a foggy day.

Movers carried our stuff away the day before.

Full fall colors on display in the Mat-Su Valley accompanied us on our trip south.

The coffee lineup is tougher in Alaska. Glenallen, AK.

Wood is piling up this time of year in Tok, AK.

Lucy's set up in the way back. Destruction Bay Campground on Kluane Lake, YT.

Sunrise at Slims Bridge near the south end of Kluane Lake, AK-YT border.

Foothills of the Icefields Range, which hide 5000m peaks.

A Stone Sheep pup marches along the Kluane Lake shoreline in the near freezing temps of dawn.

Slims Bridge, Kluane Lake.

Saddest moment of the trip: Arriving in Haines Junction to find the Alpine Bakery closed for the season.

Settling for gas station coffee in Haines Junction, YT.

The Milepost is full of useless information like how long bridges are, which Army Colonel designed them, and what his mule's name was. For example, here is the Nisutlin Bay bridge, a seven-bay Warren through-truss design. It is the longest bridge on the Alaska Hwy at 1917'. The mule was named "Gordo".

A quick dip in the Yukon River at Whitehorse, YT. The river will flow some 1500 miles farther before it reaches the Arctic Ocean.

Firefighter tribute in Whitehorse.

The place to see and be seen in Whitehorse is the riverwalk at noon.

Whitehorse is a surprisingly hip place for the Yukon. It oozes coffee house culture. Lots of fancy eyeglasses.

Watson Lake Signpost Museum. Watson Lake is the least hip place in the known universe.

Night #2 on an abandoned stretch of the Alaska Hwy south of Watson Lake, YT.

Wood Bison outnumber the cars along Hwy 97 between Coal River and the Liard Hot Springs.

Liard Hot Springs on the morning of Day #3 was a relaxing stop.

The highway along Muncho Lake crosses dozens of huge gravel fans spilling from the crumbling Sentinel Range to the east. Water surprisingly clear.

The first caribou sighting of the trip came at Toad River, BC.

Tortured limestone mountains are spectacular along the Toad River.

Great sticky buns are to be had at the Tetsa River Services bakery.

Uncontrollable sniveling will begin when the price of gas tops $1.25/liter. At Tetsa River Services today, its at $1.59/liter.

Spectacular folds exposed in the highwalls of the Milner Coal Mine near Grand Cache, Alberta.

The Bighorn Highway (Alberta Hwy 40) traverses landscapes similar to western Colorado, complete with extensive shale gas development and aspens.

The area around Sasquatch Crossing is both Bigfoot and Big Shale country. Thousands of super heavy duty trucks with custom boxes and big davits service the region's innumerable oil and gas wells.

Sasquatch Crossing Lodge, BC.


Coming into Jasper National Park, AB.

Bighorn Sheep in Jasper.

Maligne Lake area, Jasper.

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