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This Week's Pics

Weed season has arrived in Bear Valley. Not that kind of weed.

Its been a wet spring, but the sunsets are nice.

Continuing the tradition of Friday beers with Jim on the deck. His roof is still done.

Scrap bin challenge: A cedar box for the Reardens.

More scrap bin products: Walnut cutting board and cheese paddle.

Bring your own chair. Our last "Deep State" party with Bridget, Erin, Sarah, and Drew.

Mount Susitna sunset.

Lucy knows something is up.

Ravens disrupting nap.

Heroic vacuuming by Hilly.

Crucial switchplate work by Hil.

Scrap bin table top. I bought a used coffee table at the Re-Store for $10. Painted the base and made a new top for it.

More staked benches.

Scrap bin project: A mostly cedar box for Paige and Bill.

We ordered 2 boxes of sockeye (50 lbs, 10 fish) from a Bristol Bay fisherman this year. They delivered to our door for $275.

Moose are everywhere this week.

My VFD arrived.

Finishing up the last of the trim work on the shop.

The flyer is done. Open house next weekend. Fingers crossed.


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