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Roof Sheathing & Bill's Grading

Twenty-eight sheets of 5/8" OSB sheathing being unceremoniously tipped off the back end of truck.

One step closer to a dry workspace.

Wake up. Coffee. Sweep the ice off and get to work. The 3/12 pitch (14 degrees) is easy to get around on without feeling like your one step from splat.

Caulking the seams in preparation for the ice shield membrane. Not sure if this is necessary, but I have some extra caulk and it can't hurt.

I need to nail on the fascia boards before sheathing the last part of the roof deck. It'll be a lot easier doing it from above. I stretched a string line along the rafter tails and installed the blocking along it. I'll cut the tails to this line and flush to the blocking tomorrow. Though I set the trusses carefully, the tails were still a little uneven (some were 1/2" out of line).

Nice views from the new roof.

Snows are already starting to deepen on the Alaska Range.

Neighbor Bill has two Bobcats and a big dog named Kramer. He expertly graded out the pile that was delivered a few days ago. He filled the big gap in front of the garage doors, nearly bringing it up to final grade in about 10 minutes.

Neighbors with skills and heavy equipment seem to be pretty common in Alaska.

Four rolls ought to do it, but it actually took 5.

The shop is beginning to poke out from behind the house. View from the top of Carl Road hill.

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