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Fall Neighborhood

I finished up the windows with enough daylight to get a walk in. I headed uphill to find the local moose. Here in Bear Valley, August is still Summer, but September and the first half of October is Fall. Winter arrives on October 16th. Spring returns when sunrise is once again at 7am and the snow is too thin to ski.

The King's Way neighbors in the log home, bout 200' higher than us, can almost see the mountain.

Our little valley is growing. Lots of people working on projects this time of year.

Nickleen Road hill.

The boxy, windswept homes among the aspens along Brewster's.

Mount Susitna from Genevieve. Turns out, the bounding fault dips the other way. Who knew?

Jim's roof is nearly complete.

Anyway, I found the big bull bedded down in the trees just off the muddy track below Brewster's.

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