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22 Yards Poured

Concrete Volume Yesterday we poured the ICF block foundation (26' x 26' x 8'), which consists of three different wall thicknesses and numerous openings for doors and windows. I calculated the concrete volume for the perimeter walls (8" Fox Block, 19.818 yards), one interior wall (6" Fox Block, 2.889 yards), and another interior wall (standard 8"x16" concrete block, 1.849 yards) from direct measurements. I measured all openings and subtracted that number from the total (107 sq. ft. or 2.609 yards). I worked from lineal inches to cubic yards using an online converter, then had the guy at the concrete company re-run my numbers using the Fox Block calculator. My total was 21.95 yards; his was 20.02 yards, so I ordered 23 yards just to be sure. We ended up with about one extra yard.

Watch a Time Lapse of First Part of Pour

Pump Grout We used 6-sack (3/8") pump grout delivered by 3 separate trucks and poured through a 100' of 2" hose from a trailered grout pump. We poured continuously in roughly 3 passes (lifts) over the course of about 5 hours. The first load had an 8" slump and 1% chemical excelerator. The two subsequent loads were 7" slump with 0.5% excelerator. We did not use a vibrator/stinger. We had no flow problems, no blowouts, and minimal block separation. The road gradient and an overhead powerline issue precluded us from using a boom truck.


Albert Young, recently back from Montana, directed the pour made sure everything ran smooth as silk. He's the guy you want; a real pro. The AgPro drivers were right on time and courteous. The connection at the grout pump hopper was flawless. Our crew, consisting of Alan, Joan, Jim, Hilary, and myself, worked efficiently and without injury. Clean up took a full hour.

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