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Denali Highway Jaunt

Despite a late start and a rainy forecast, we jumped in the truck and headed for the Denali Highway. A few pics from our quick 700-mile overnight trip.

MacLaren River area.

Nenana River near the put in.

Stopped in for pie the first day. Bought some wine to go later that evening. Had the breakfast buffet on the following morning.

The happy little cabins of Tangle Lakes.

Hiking through a textbook kame-kettle complex in the Delta River valley

"I don't always trample ancient grave sites. But when I do, I like to wear my fancy shoes."

Spectacular glacial landforms can be found all along the highway from Tangle River to the MacLaren River bridge.

Tailgate dinner with improvised wine glasses.

Life in Alaska involves a lot of dorky clothing, iffy weather, and great food.

Rain prevents hound from doing fun stuff.

We stopped and fixed a flat tire for these two Swiss women on their way from Fairbanks to California.

AP reporters deliver Alaska news a lot like they do Idaho news.

Four guys, one excavator, bridge diaper in place, lots to do, middle of the day, nothing happening.

Upper Susitna River valley.

Lots of flowing water everywhere right now.

Nenana River nearing flood stage. This place looks a little like Montana, but not Helena.

Next time, we'll aim for Dude Lake. Jack Shaw might meet us there.

The storm clouds arrived in Anchorage just about the time we did.

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