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Excavation #3

Threw a track. To get it back on, you first raise one side of the machine by supporting it on the bucket. Unscrew one bolt to access the grease fitting for the horizontal piston that keeps the track tight - it just uses pressurized grease to spread the wheels apart. Loosen the fitting until blue grease comes out, relieving the pressure. Move the track out of the way and push in on the front wheel to slide it back a few inches. Lower the machine a little so the hanging track contacts the ground slightly and lengthens. Locate the centermark on the track and place it at top dead center. Use pry bars to slip the track back on to the wheels. Replace the grease fitting and add new tube of grease (piston expands, track tightens). A little fine tuning will be needed to get the track tension right. Replace the access cover. Lower the machine. Clean up any mess. Get back to work. A 15 minute job in good conditions.

Hil hauled this huge pile of branches up the hill by hand. We await the chipper.

Nice guys at the Kubota dealer come to take the toy away. "See you later, little buddy. No not you, the excavator."

With all the branches gone, Hil puts in some raspberries.

Moose season in Bear Valley.

Some moose believe they are invisible. They tell themselves, "If I just stand here in silence for a minute, these humans will leave me to my thoughts."

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