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Excavation #2

At 9000 lbs, this "mini excavator" packs a lot of punch. The 16" bucket w/ claw thumb is awesome - super long reach, fully-articulating arm. It runs quiet and uses surprisingly little diesel. Three joy sticks. Change between two travel speeds with a button. I moved a mountain of glacial material with the improbable-looking, 4-way blade. Sweet little machine.

The tree and the shed are in the way. We must deal with them like they do over at The Hydraulic Press Channel.

Neighbor Jim and his trusty 026 took down the tree in exchange for a lemon meringue pie. Hil whipped one up the next day.

At just 33 years old, this tree had a good life with plenty of sunshine, free of competition. Probably planted shortly after the house went in in 1972, Lindal Cedar Homes' second year in the US.

The little Wetterlings is the perfect tool for limbing up a big downed spruce.

A sledge hammer and 40 minutes got me to this point. I crushed the rest with the Kubota's claw.

The remains of the shed.

Disturbing the ravens.

Disturbing the moose.

A square hole with a flat bottom and a bunch of recontouring completed in 3.5 days. At $1200 a week, there's no better deal in Alaska than a KX040.

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