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Gully & Ridge

We keep seeing headlamps moving along the high ridge above the house at night. So Lucy and I decided to check it out. We ascended the big ice gully to the Grandview ridgeline around noon on Sunday. I needed an ice axe, but forgot one. She didn't bring one either. The day was bright and a very steady, very cold wind met us on top. We found tracks along the ridgeline. Lucy concluded that those headlamps must have been wearing boots.

"I see something moving down there. Probably bacon." - Lucy

When you finally build that yurt in Upper Rabbit Creek, do so above the shadow line.

A century of careful breeding has given the Tennessee Treeing Walker Coonhound a winter coat that blends perfectly with the snow, ice, and rocks found along most ridges in Alaska. There are actually 7 adult hounds in this photo.

This is what a Walker Hound looks like in 14-below wind chill. The tail is frozen stiff, mid-wag.

That arete goes at Class 3 in all seasons. Bring a good axe and the champagne (for the glacier lassitude).



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