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Bibliography of Clastic Dikes Research

About This Bibliography

This collection of more than 500 citations from published journal articles, government documents, theses, abstracts, web sites, and industry reports accounts for most of the publicly available documents on clastic dikes (e.g. dykes: British, French; diques: Spanish). The list is extensive, not exhaustive. It is a work in progress. Please cite this website. See Wikipedia: Clastic Dike (I edit that page because I'm a dork).

Keywords & Search Terms Used

Basin-trapped seismicity, clastic intrusion/intrusive, clay vein, cyclic stress loading, extra-structural cracks, fissure fills, Hanford Site stratigraphy, interstratal dewatering, lateral spreading, liquefaction features, neptunian/neptunic dike/dyke/fissures, diques neptunicos y brechas sinsedimentarias, paleoseismic indicators, pebble dikes, polygonal patterned ground, pseudo-ice wedge cast, sand blow, sand injectite, sandstone dike/dyke, sedimentary insertion, seismite, sheeted clastic dike/dyke, soft-sediment deformation, soil liquefaction, subsurface-initiated cracks, surface-initiated cracks, synsedimentary filling, tension fractures, Touchet Beds, trans-horizon cracks.

Hypotheses for Clastic Dike Formation

Liquefaction due to shaking, liquefaction without seismicity, water escape/dewatering, cryogenesis, lake water oscillation (seiche effect), rapidly filled reservoir seismicity, basin-trapped wave sloshing, thixotropic behavior, bolide impact, salt dome collapse, gravity fills associated with spaces opened along normal fault ramp relays, etc.

Related Topics Partially Covered

Surge marks, tempestites, pyroclastic fluid escape structures, liquefaction theory & features, load casts, ball-and-pillow structures, convolute bedding, patterned ground, sand blows, sand volcanos, lunar dikes, molar tooth structures, seiche effect, glaciotectonics, vadose zone storage of waste at Hanford tank farms, peperites, pebble dikes (hydrothermal injections), polymict or monomict lithic breccia or microbreccia, pseudotachylites, cataclastites, mylolithenites, impact melt injections (tagamite, granophyre, etc.), thick melt sheets (apophyses), syneresis.

Research Categories Associated with Clastic Dikes

Dikes as paleoseismic indicators

Dikes and associated features as non-seismic features (alternative discussions)

Engineering properties and relationship between dikes and host materials

Dikes and sand injectites as geofluid conduits (petroleum, pollutants, etc.)

Neptunian dikes, concepts of formation (often relating to limestone formations)

Dikes as subglacial deformation features

Impact-related dikes, breccias, and microbreccias

Phreatic, hydrothermal, magmatic, and mineralized dikes and dike-like breccias

Dikes related to the salt dome collapse

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Bibliography of Clastic Dike Research

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