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In a former life, I was known as "Punch Chestgnaw". Twitter liked me then. My avatar was Buford Pusser carrying a 2x4. Now I just use my real name (SkyeCooley@ClamOrPotato). Here's what its like to be favorited. #nbd

Explaining the Joke: Festool is a German manufacturer of fine power tools, mostly smaller everyday shop tools like palm sanders, drill drivers, track saws, and vacuums. Festool stuff (green) has knocked Powermatic (gold) out of its long held position as top dog. The Wood Whisperer (Marc Spagnolo) is a very likeable YouTuber with a easy sense of humor and a conspicuously good set of power tools, mostly Powermatic, but increasingly Festool. Some would say, toolwise, he's got more hat than cattle. And by "some" I mean me.

Explaining the Joke: Chris Schwarz is the closest thing to a rockstar the woodworking community has ever seen. The Schwarz is an author, publisher, teacher, student, and innovator. About the only thing he doesn't do well is pick out clothes. Floppy shoes, hoodies that hang like curtains, cheap oxford button downs, baggy jeans, and waxed hair are par for the course. Hard to blame him, though. He's from Kentucky. And at 6'7" and a buck forty-nine, he's too tall for the racks at JC Penny, too skinny for the Big & Tall isle. His work, however, is always a couple standard deviations above the mean. His handle, RudeMechanic, is some old-timey name for a woodworker, I think.

Explaining the Joke: Marshawn Lynch is a badass.

Explaining the Joke: Mike Pesca is a badass. He recently addressed NPR's ridiculously affected voice, specifically the contrived placement of pauses by hosts reading copy, in a recent episode of his excellent podcast, The Gist. He correctly identifies NPR copy readers for what they are: Actors. You should listen to The Gist.

Explaining the Joke: Jimmy Diresta is a Maker. He has a great sense of humor, a keen eye for industrial branding, and a super popular YouTube channel. I imagine he'll work this suggestion into one of his videos at some point. Or Waelder will. Waelder's crazy.

Explaining the Joke: Alison Rosen, fired last year by Adam Carolla, has a podcast that I sometimes listen to. Its not great, but its getting better as the host finds her voice. They have a listener write-in segment called Just Me Or Everyone (#JMOE). I wrote in.

Schwarz has a geeky passion for staked furniture and has been tracing its history back hundreds of years.

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