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New Room for Guests

The guest suite is now open for Alaska visitors!

I tore out the dark disco-era paneling, patched up the wallboard, and put up new wainscoting, base, and crown. New door, carpet, and paint. We moved the furniture I built for the master bedroom at the Pueblo house to this room while we figure out what to build or buy for the new master bedroom. Comfy new Serta iComfort queen size bed. The room is on its own floor with its own full bath and shower. There's also a large romper room just steps away, for those who are so inclined.

Come stay!

"Be like me, little 48 feller, and visit Alaska. I'll teach you to club a seal with this here coffee mug. No more whales for me"

- Harry "Peg Leg" Smith

Here's what it looked like when I began tearing out the paneling...

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