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Walker Hounds

The Treeing Walker Coon Hound, or "Walker Hound", is a goofy, tough, athletic, eager, and loyal dog. They whine, they shed, they sniff. They display distinctly different personalities when working versus when not. They love to run, eat, and be warm. After about year 3, the volume of their bay goes to 11. A training eCollar makes all the difference.

Fearless at work. Lightning Flash, Lucy's father, greets a Utah lion, "Helloooooooooooo!"

Lucy (1 yr) is a true Walker from Idaho. Emma (14 yrs) is a Walker-Redtick from Wyoming.

Pup in wolf country, Sawtooths, ID.

Pullman, WA.

Boise, ID.

Tiverton, RI.

City of Rocks, ID.

Vedauwoo, WY.

Lucy is from Idaho.

Working Walkers: Thick legs and multiple collars.

Logan Canyon, UT.

Okanogan Highlands, WA.

The driving trance.

Copper Basin Fish & Game cabin, ID.

Summit of Standhope Peak, Pioneer Mountains, ID.

Copper Basin, ID.

Wellsville Mountains, UT.

Wyoming Peak summit.

Bear Rivers, Utah.

Riding the gondola at Telluride, CO.

Eye on sandwich, Sawtooth Lake, ID.

Another work week with Hil, Republic, WA.

Methow Valley, WA.

South Hill, Spokane, WA.

Top of the Bear River Range, UT.

Canis wimpus crossing a chilly stream, Crow Pass, AK.

Kelly and Emma, Wasatch Range, UT.

Moab area, UT.

Moab area, UT.

Emma not so happy to share.

Pueblo Street.


Telluride, CO.

Bear River Valley, ID.

Bear Valley, ID.

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