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Williwaw Lakes Loop

The 10-mile loop ascends a steep ridge to a high saddle, then drops steeply past glacial lakes. Settle in for the long, rolling path through the patchwork vegetation along South Fork Campbell Creek. Round the bend, climb back to the powerline road, and re-enter civilization (i.e., dog poop ecoregion) at the Glen Alps parking lot.


Alaskan shrubbery.

Foreground shrubbery with distant rocks.

Black Lake and Williwaw Lakes basin from the high saddle.


Rocks with distant shrubbery.


Streamside shrubbery.

Upper Campbell Creek with conspicuous shrubbery on horizon.

Walrus Lake, Williwaw Lakes basin, and associated shrubbery.

Low bush shrubbery.

A rainy day hke in Chugach State Park.


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