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Samish Island Family Reunion

Saying goodbye to family at Samish Island. Hilary and Dad.

Evelyn enjoys the hammock at the Samish Island cabin.

Last day in Idaho. Leaving our Boise home on Sunday morning.

Top row: Tim, Denae, Tobin, Lauren Third row: Patti, Hilary, Beth, Mia Middle Kid row: Georgia, Skye Bottom row: Evelyn, Lena

Marine biology is boring, Mom.

World champions of oyster shucking, the Schimkes.

Not much has changed in 100 years on North Beach.

Oyster rearing tanks, Samish Bay, and the Chuckanut foothills beyond.

Buckets of cash. Blau Oyster.

Steven Blau gives us the full oyster tour.

Side trip: Doctor D in his element. Boston Whaler on the north side of Lummi Island.

Side trip: I gave a talk on clastic dikes to the Wenatchee Erratics, the local chapter of the Ice Age Flood Institute. My terrific hosts, Susan and Ken, have a home perched high above the Columbia River with expansive views of West Bar and Sunserra Resort. Their guest book is a veritable who's who of geology.

The view of West Bar from Ken's home in Trinidad WA.

A quiet back porch in Winthrop WA. The first stop on our trip north.

With remodel completed and Boise in the rear view mirror, its time for some wine and cheese. Had an enjoyable tour of Lost River Winery with the owner and his calm little viszla pup.

A nearly empty River Run Inn in Winthrop WA made for a nice break.

Life before SnugTop HiLiner.

Life after SnugTop HiLiner.

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