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Powermatic Model 50 (c. 1955)

Some research on a Powermatic Model-50 6" jointer currently for sale on Craigslist is compiled below. I've included photos of comparable machines where possible. Powermatic paint colors, knob color, and serial numbers are the three key pieces of information that indicate year of manufacture. The serial number for this machine is "1490", the color is gray, and the knobs are red. This unit was built between 1955 and 1959, though probably closer to 1955. It is one of the earliest PM50s built; Powermatic began selling jointers in 1955. The cabinet has been modified with an angle grinder and several parts are missing or worn out. Needs a full overhaul. Might be worth the effort.

Front view of the late 1950's Powermatic PM50 jointer that is for sale.

Front view of a different late 1950's PM50 with its original cabinet, original cutterhead guard, and table lock handles intact.

Example porkchop-style cutterhead guard from a late '50s PM Model 50.

Another example cutterhead guard from an early Powermatic jointer.

Example late 1950's PM50 in complete, pristine condition (excluding cabinet). Note this unit has the same reddish knobs typical of the late '50's models.

Back of a similar PM50 with its original rear door removed, at right.

Back of the PM50 for sale (no door).

Possible rear door style on original machine.

Another possible rear door style.


- Cutterhead guard missing.

- Rear door/panel missing.

- Large square hole was cut in front of cabinet to allow for replacement(?) motor to protrude.

- Both table lock knob handles on front are missing.

- Unclear on condition of motor bearings (220v, 1ph).

- Needs new belts.

- Needs new wiring and switch.

- Needs new paint.

- Need complete grease job.

- Table flatness and co-planarity are questions.


$250 is about right for a late model Powermatic jointer. That's assuming the tables are flat, somewhere near co-planar, and the motor and cutterhead are functional. There are parts missing and/or modified on this one. The cabinet needs to be replaced. The motor is questionable. Bearings likely need to be replaced. Machine does not currently run.


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