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Clastic Dikes Literature Relevant to Eastern Washington 1820-2020

Fieldwork in Burlingame Canyon near Walla Walla in July 1995.

Several dozen articles, abstracts, consultant reports, and field guides have been published on the clastic dikes in Eastern Washington between 1925-2020. Ninety-four are shown here. Very few contain measurements on dikes or data of any kind.

Usage of the terms "clastic dike", "clastic dyke", and "seismite" according to Google Books Ngram database. The larger peaks in usage correspond with publication of lab-based liquefaction studies by engineers and investigations following large earthquakes.

Cooley_Clastic Dikes Article Review and Commentary_March 2023_v8
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My review and commentary on several dozen articles on the clastic dikes in Eastern Washington and adjacent portions of Oregon and Idaho. Your comments always welcome:

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